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The social Mercedarios of Barcelona, ​​focuses on three areas:

a) Household Mercedaria Vall d’Hebron, an area hosting gives food and emotional support to people in third grade or who have just left prison and need to gradually reintegrate into society.

b) Mercedarios give support spiritual, psychological, legal and material prisoners of different jails Barcelona: Prison Modelo (1200 men), Juvenile Detention (280 youths) Prison Wad-Ras (147 women), and Penitentiary center Brians (modules women).

c) Thanks to the work of our social worker, the Foundation serves:

142 ex-prisoners social care needs in all those that were presented to achieve the ultimate goal.
93 assessment interviews with the possible beneficiary and / or Social Services Penitentiary to gather all personal information, social and therapeutic need.
772 individual interviews applying the intervention model focused on tasks.
Reception 54 ex-prisoners who had no definite release financial resources, family ties, social or territorial.
2099 days host on pensions
1428 118 vouchers and full maintenance of one meal / day
7 referrals to the Parish Sant Pedro Nolasco and seven referrals to the laundry by keeping your clothes.
Delivery of 120 batches of food fortnightly 10 former beneficiaries of the Reception Service who are living independently.
Delivery of 53 lots with personal hygiene products.
They have also had to make financial aid at certain times to ensure the success of the intervention:
Of these financial aid, 12 were in respect of the loan, up to a total of € 174.36, € 117.76 of those who have returned. Moreover, the Helpdesk Economic Caritas has taken seven of economic aid, representing a total of € 1050.00.

Acquiring social skills necessary to achieve the objective
end of the 67 ex-prisoners released ultimately served.

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