We use all the tools we have at our disposal to prevent a person enters prison: education, catechesis, workshops, sponsorships, camps, youth groups, therapies and emotional support.


Through the sponsors, there was a finalitat:  to give children opportunities to access the basic resources and educatius. From the Foundation, they will pay for the education in order to avoid investment in the future, and the latter will have a good base to know how to get the money back.

The recipients are from Guatemala, El Salvador, Panamá, Venezuela and Mozambique (Xai Xai and Maputo).

Currently the total number of sponsors of the foundation is 585, which is distributed in 183 to Guatemala, 245 to El Salvador, 82 to Panamá and 75 to Mozambique.

With 20 € / month you can sponsor a child


As we said, education is a basic principle in order to prevent the number of crimes. It is an opportunity for individuals to form a personal, social and academic.

We work to train people in dignity and values. We are currently present in our schools Mozambique and South America with a total of 357 teachers and workers.

“Education does not change the world, change the people who change the world”
Paulo F

Dinning room

We serve many families through soup kitchens to cover at least one meal a day. This will cover the most basic needs avoiding extreme situations that can lead to crime.

– Guatemala (San Jose): 500 foods = 5 times week 1500

– El Salvador: 65 for 3 days / 80 days = 260 in 2 days

– Panamá (Comedor El Chorrillo) 696 times in 5 days = 3480

– Venezuela (Maracaibo) for 5 days = 500 days = 1500

In total comprises 6,820 meals a week

We shared 1139 meals a day
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