In the province of Aragon are present in 38 prisons and 47,199 prisoners to serve. We support the spiritual, psychological, legal and material.


Mercedarios in the province of Aragon to present:


Alicante Center penintenciari Fontcalent (850 men)

Barcelona Modelo Prison (1200 men)

Juvenile Detention (280 youths)

Prison Wad-Ras (147 women)

Penitentiary Center Brians (modules women)

Lleida Prison Speaker (800 men)

Prison Castellón Castellón (700 men)

Prison Zuera Zaragoza (1600 men and women)

Palma de Mallorca Palma Prison (1400 men and women)

Picassent Valencia Center (2850 men and women)



Maracaibo Center less than women (25 women)

San Juan of the Noses General Penitentiary (6000 men)

Judicial Internship of San Juan (2000 men)

Annex women (350 women)


Escuintla model farm in Canada (3000 men)

High Security (350 men)

Guatemala COF Center targeting women (300 women)

Model Farm Pavón (2000 men)

Rehabilitation center “Pavoncito” (1800 men)

Area 18 (4536 men)

Panama Renacer Penitentiary (230 men)

The Jewel Prison (3404 men)

The Joyita Prison (4600 men)

The New Joyita Prison (3000 men)

Tinajitas Detention Center (300 men)

Home Rehabilitation Center (750 women)

Under Pacora Center (130 men)

El Salvador Mariona Hope Center (5350 men)

Women’s Center “Ilopango” (2100 women)


Prison Maputo Maputo Central (2500 men)

Prison macho, B.O (850 men)

Prison civil Maputo (300 men)

Prison Women Ndlavela (120 women)

Prison Xai-Xai Xai-Xai (365 men and 25 women)


· How it works
Each prison has its own operation, but basically there are two types of workshops: the training (education, human, reflection, self-esteem, biblical, etc) and employment (painting, languages, sports, music, games, etc).

· Who performs
Volunteers Foundation support this service in collaboration with prison ministry volunteers, giving their time and sharing experiences with prisoners.

Volunteers in Prison Pastoral 854

Pastoral – Mediation

The Mercedarios attend and give religious and spiritual care to inmates.

“The Prison ministry is borne by the Province as their primary apostolate and a specific way of life and take the fourth vote of the Order.” (Provincial statutes, No. 42).

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